Quality, flexible welds to help you capture more business.
When you purchase a cobot from Universal Robots, you gain access to our unrivaled training and localized support. With our premier distributor network, integrators both lean and large, and 66 Authorized Training Centers, Universal Robots supports your automation projects, from start to successful deployment and beyond.
UR cobots are maintaining tight tolerances, reducing scrap rates, and freeing skilled welders to pursue more valuable tasks around metal fabrication shops. Our 15 years of experience building and deploying the world’s highest quality cobots have resulted in simple, flexible tools and services that bring productivity and peace of mind to your manufacturing business. Get connected with Universal Robots teams near you to start a cobot conversation about the benefits that flexible, fast, and affordable automation can offer your facility.

Product Description

Brand : Fronius
Model : TPS 600i

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are the ultimate automation system for low-volume, high-mix metal fabrication shops. Our cobots relieve employees of repetitive and monotonous welding tasks while improving quality and throughput. UR cobots feature unique technologies to enable automation for this process

  • e-Series cobots can be equipped with tooling and power sources to automate MIG, TIG, laser, plasma, and spot welding, as well as soldering and brazing.
  • Our small footprint helps cobots fit into existing workcells and stations with minimal floor disruption, minimizing time to reach full production.
  • Our robots are easy to (re)program and (re)deploy, keeping your production fast and flexible for quick changes in production runs.

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