The Dinkle industrial relay is a pluggable type of relay designed for ease of maintenance and replacement. It finds frequent application in electrical control systems, particularly in the interface between control rooms and field equipment for safety and signal amplification purposes. The relay is commonly employed for electrical isolation, transmission, and coordination with signals in various settings, including Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and the integration between Input/Output (I/O) systems and on-site sensors with actuators. This adaptability makes it a versatile component in the field of electrical control, facilitating the efficient and reliable functioning of complex systems.

Product Description


Brand : Dinkle
Model : Industrial Relay, Relay Socket, Opto Relay, Slim Relay

Product Description:
Dinkle’s RER series of Industrial Relay fits the actual needs of the appropriate application in industrial control. It is stable and reliable with longer life time.

Product Features:

  • Compact design, high rated loadings.
  • With optional test buttons of inching movement or self-locking, all producat are equipped with mechanical switch position indicator.
  • Reasonable structure, wide range applications.
  • Various specifications with integrated status display.
  • Contact made by industrial AgNi alloy.

Product Application:
Dinkle’s RER Industrial Relays are in electromagnetic design, it is mainly used between control units and on-site devices, which achieve the effects of electrical isolation, voltage matching, noise suppression and signal amplification.

Working Mode:
When the control voltage goes through the coil, the output contacts of relay will be energized by the electromagnetic effect; when the control voltage is cut off, the output contacts will return to its initial position.

Product Certification:
UL, CE, TUV, and CQC.


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