Bin Picking System

AccuPick 3D represents the state-of-the-art and comprehensive robotic picking solution for
manufacturing and logistics industries. AccuPick 3D is comprised of three distinct but seamlessly integrated hardware and software modules

Product Description

Bin Picking System

Brand : Solomon
Model : AccuPick

3D Scanner
AccuPick supports multiple 3D scanner technologies in obtaining 3D images of the work pieces,
including structured light, Time-of-Flight (ToF), active stereo vision, laser.

Image Analysis Software
3D point clouds generated are instantly analyzed by AccuPick’s powerful deep learning software to
recognize, segment, and locate work pieces.

Bin Collision Avoidance
In many applications robots with gripper need to reach deep inside of a bin to pick a work piece,
AccuPick provides an optional module that optimizes robot path and prevents collision against bin.

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