• Small, Compact, Light & Tough
  • Safety Latch
  • Efficient
  • Swivel with Bearings
  • Top Links for Automatic Hooks
  • Fail-Safe Design
  • Encoder
  • Magnetic System
  • Weighing Scale
  • Remote Controlled
  • evo2 Bumpers

Product Description

Brand : elebia FROM SPAIN
Model : The evo2 Automatic Crane Hooks

  • Small, Compact, Light & Tough – We have created an automatic hook that is lighter, smaller and more compact but equally as strong.
  • Safety Latch – Another crucial security element of the hook is the safety latch.
  • Efficient – (3 hour charge – 1 week’s power) The evo2 battery is smaller and lighter than the rest of the range of safety hooks. With the new Eink charge status display system and new electronics, autonomy and consumption are optimized
  • Swivel with Bearings – The bearings allow the hook to rotate freely. The operator can lock it at every 90º position.
  • Top Links for Automatic Hooks
  • Fail-Safe Design
  • Encoder – The evo2 automatic hook incorporates an innovative position encoder. This allows the user to know the exact position of the crane hook, allowing better control. This results in longer motor life and safer operations. The sensor is contactless: no wearings and zero maintenance.
  • Magnetic System – The elebia crane hooks come with a unique magnetic system, formed by 32 neodymium permanent magnets. These magnets are placed in a precise configuration that generate an oriented magnetic field with 3 functions: attract, center and orient the masterlink. This basic component, which is present in all our remote hooks, is what allows the remote engage of loads.
  • Weighing Scale – The complete range of automatic crane hooks can be upgraded with a load cell to weigh the load that is being      lifted.
  • Remote Controlled
  • evo2 Bumpers – The bumper for the automatic crane hooks is the perfect shock absorber that protects the safety hooks from impacts.
The evo2 is an automatic crane hook designed for masterlinks, which, like the rest of our lifting hooks for cranes, engages and releases the load remotely, increasing safety, productivity and comfort for all lifting operations. The evo 2L shares the same features mentioned above, and in addition offers more attachment possibilities as it is optimised for slinging. Our smallest automatic crane hook lifts and releases the load remotely. The remote controlled crane hook generates a magnetic field that attracts and orients the sling, masterlink or rigging gear. The operator then presses the «close» button on the remote control to automatically close the crane hook, without any manual intervention, operating remotely from a safe distance.


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