UV Laser Marking System
In a strict pursuit of exquisiteness, we offer an unrivaled technical quality.
1. Suitable for laser process on cosmetic surface of most metal and nonmetal materials.
2. Widely used in industries like PC, mobile phone, consumer electronics, electronics components, auto parts, daily hardware, medical apparatus, etc.

Product Description

Brand : TETE
Model : DPU-M Series

High Reliability
This laser module adopts the proprietary end-pumped architecture using a TE cooled diode laser pump and new method of first pulse suppression to ensure high stability of the system.

Long Service Life
New design,choice components ensure long life time of the machine.

Fully enclosed design which highly enhances safety during processing.

High Reliability
Rapid cache transmission control,choice optical and electronic elements to ensure continuous work in long time and capacity.

High Reliability
New UV-Laser/Green-Laser adopts simplified optical design which improve its reliability.

No Consumables
Basing on advanced technology, it doesn`t need to replace harmonic crystal and saves opteration cost.