TSUBAKI G8 series provide better wear life, better fatique strength, better corrosion and chemical resistant to satisfy needs and provide the best solution to customers around the world.

Product Description

Model : G8 Series

G8 Series RS Roller Chain

  • The new G8 Series (RS40-240) features 1.2 times longer wear life than the previous G7 Series.
  • Anti-rust lubrication minimizes tackiness and increases handleability.

G8 Series Lambda Chain

  • Tsubaki Lambda Chain is the industry’s first chain with special oil-impregnated bushings.
  • Lambda Chain meets a wide range of customers’ needs for long life in a lubrication-free environment, resulting in a reduction in overall long-term costs.

G8 Heavy Duty Chain

  • Tsubaki offers a variety of heavy duty and Super Chains to provide users with a higher maximum allowable load, higher shock absorption, higher fatigue strength, and higher tensile strength than standard RS Roller Chains. This enables users to go one or two sizes down to design more compact systems.

G8 Neptune Chain

  • Neptune Chain is a surface treated chain that uses a base RS Roller Chain with a special coating and top coating.
  • Highly durable chain that offers superb saltwater, weather, chemical and comprehensive corrosion resistance.

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