The all-in-one Formtracer Avant D4000 has a surface roughness and contour detector that is easily switched out without turning off the machine. The FTA-D4000 model features a dual-sided stylus that is capable of measuring ID and calculate pitch diameters. The dual-sided stylus also continuously measures upper and lower surfaces for easier, faster data analysis of difficult features such as the diameter of an internal screw thread.

Product Description

Brand : Mitutoyo
Model : 525-322-30

  • Hot swapping allows switching between the contour detector and roughness detector without powering the machine off
  • The tool-less replacement mechanism uses a thumb-turn clamp for much faster switching between detectors
  • Stylus drop detection feature detects any sudden drop of the stylus and stops the measurement operation
  • Collision monitoring for the magnet arm and detector cover ensures safe measurements even during high-speed movements
  • Optional accessories for automatic measurement automate processes from the setup to the measurement

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