WAGO Straight to the cloud

Product Description

Brand : WAGO
Model : WAGO Straight to the cloud

WAGO’s new solutions for cloud connectivity securely and efficiently link data from the real world to the digital world. Connectivity is based on the MQTT protocol, paving the way directly to the WAGO Cloud usage. But cloud connectivity is not limited to just the WAGO Cloud – access is also permitted to other prominent cloud solutions including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and SAP Cloud. Both the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 and 750 XTR connect to the field level, and a WAGO PFC Controller sends data to the cloud. All of the data converges in the cloud and can be used for analysis. Thanks to native integration of the MQTT protocol, cloud connectivity also supports a large number of other MQTT brokers, whether local or online.

Your benefits with Wago Cloud Connectivity :

  • Connect the field level directly to the cloud
  • Expansion of existing systems with our PFC Controllers as an IoT gateway
  • Distributed data acquisition and visualization from anywhere
  • Connection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud SAP Cloud or other MQTT brokers via standardized MQTT protocol
  • High level of security thanks to TLS encryption

It’s all about data: In the past, the technical data from the field made it through to the control levels at best. That’s changed now. Thanks to modern information technology, the most important information from production is no longer restricted to the classical automation pyramid, but is now available at any time and place. However, the technical conditions must be right for this. The WAGO PFC Controllers are equipped with cloud connectivity and transfer data to the WAGO Cloud – or to any other MQTT broker.


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