• High performance electric actuator with ball screw, linear guide and selectable size of motor
  • Driven by closed loop stepping motor for highly precision, short pitch motion and feedback control
  • Fully customizable in length, speed, precision and driven unit
  • Clean series for clean room application supported
  • Optional sensor for origin, limit + and limit -, for positioning and safety motion

Product Description

Brand : PISCO

Compact Design
It is designed and manufactured 30-40% lower height compared with general cartesian robot

Weight Lightening
Base is made by Aluminum, and it is manufactured lighter than other integrated LM Guide type

High Rigidity
Allow high moments by wide spacing compared to normal LM Guide use. According to extended length of the slide block, rated load & secondary moment are improved as compared with competitors (LM Guide integrated type Unit)

Slider Integration
The weakness of stiffness and repetition precision caused by frequent repetitive driving is improved by integrating ball screw and linear slider block

Improvement of Shaft Vibration
Improved shaft vibration when stopping at high speed. Improved setting time compared to the other integrated LM Guide unit.

Easy Lubrication Conditions
It is easy to lubrication by attaching a nipple to the moving slider


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